Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Christmas List: Target!

Halloween's over and it's officially the Holiday Season! Christmas Present shopping is right around the corner and if you go into a retail store, you'd think it's next week! So, I'm going to start a little series of Christmas lists from several of my favorite stores! These are primarily for my own organization efforts, and will come in handy when my mother asks for my wishlist! However, hopefully they'll also benefit y'all in creating your own christmas list & shopping for others! First up...

I stopped by Target today to look for slippers and pick up some essentials and started picking out my holiday favs!

  1. Rose Gold Watch: $16.99 Already own an expensive watch? Why spend hundreds on another on just to keep up with the latest trend! I would love a Rose Gold Michael Kors watch, but this one is just as beautiful and a fraction of the cost!
  2. Cheetah "Tuxedo" Flat: $19.99 I've had my eye on these babies for a while now, but never bothered to get them for myself! They'd be a great gift in the twenty dollar range! 
  3. Sonia Kashuk Brush: $14.99 This dual foundation powder brush would be a perfect and useful stocking stuffer! 
  4. Say Candles: $5.00 Also, a great stocking stuffer, you can never have too many candles and these soy ones smell FANTASTIC
  5. Last (for todays trip)- Thank you notes: $6.99 for 8 cards Every southern belle knows she will be writing thank you's after christmas gifts have been unwrapped, so what a perfect gift for girlfriends! Target had soooo many cute options I couldn't choose which one to feature!

What do you have your eye on this christmas season? Found anything great at Target lately?

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hurricane 101

Alright y'all so while we still have power I figured I'd give you my tips on surviving a hurricane! I grew up in Wilmington, NC so hurricanes come second nature. As a kid I thought they were so much fun! So now I'll pass a few of my lessons onto you, ready?

photo source:

  1. Food: Let's be honest this is the most important. Prep yourself with nonperishable food items because once the powers out you can't microwave anything  and you definitely don't want to be going in and out of the fridge. My favorites are chili hotdogs & campfire apples! Both of these can be cooked on the grill, so make sure you've got plenty of gas or charcoal (and an umbrella!) 
2.  Ice & Water: Obviously you need to keep some bottled water on hand & get it quick cause stores will start selling out fast! A good rule of thumb is one gallon of water per person, that should last you at least a few days. As for ice- start empyting your ice tray into bowls or ziploc bags in preparation, then your freezer will produce more ice. If you stock up you can use this ice to fill coolers and keep your essentials cold (and let's be honest, by essentials I mean the beer). PS. girls, now is the time to use that cooler you painted him (:

3.  Lights: go to walmart and stock up on flashlights, candles and batteries. I got these LED ones for $1.50 each. DONT FORGET BATTERIES! Grab one for each person in your house, and make sure it's handy! Also get a bunch of candles; they're great for bathrooms & the kitchen. 

4. Drinks: While beer is great for the boys, you deserve something tastier! 

  • Hurricane Punch: This punch recipe is super simple & it will help you use up some fruit and concentrates before they thaw or spoil!
  • High Winds on the bay: This is my own creation & a knock-off of the popular bay breeze, but well, really strong. 
    • 1 part Pineapple vodka (I like Pinnacle)
    • 2 parts cranberry juice 
    • Mix and enjoy! 
5.  Electronics: Make sure you charge your phone or have a car charger on hand. Once the storm hits chances are cell reception will be pretty bad, but it's better to be able to try. If you really need to contact someone send texts instead of phone calls because they don't need as much cell service as a voice call! Also, remember you're 3G and wireless won't work when the power goes out so plan accordingly and have a battery powered radio!

6. Entertainment: Obviously, I entertain myself on the internet, which is why I'm getting my fix right now! So... what to do once the power's out?? .... SEE #4

Well, I'm going to go shower in case our hot water heater shuts off! Thanks for reading my tips!!

 How do you survive storms??

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Thursday Three: 3 things I'm lusting after!

So, I want to start a regular post series. Hopefully, this will get me more into a habit of blogging! I used to do Wedding Wednesday on my tumblr but I've seriously been slacking lately! Let's pray this goes better...

So here we go, Thursday Three, this week 3 things I'm seriously lusting after!

#1- Monogrammed Vest

I'm seriously obsessed! It's super casual, I'm I'm sure its comfortable, but i could make leggings and a long sleeve tee soooo much cuter! I'm telling Mother about this one-- I should get presents for Thanksigivng... right? 

#2- Chevron

I'm feeling a little behind the time on this trend; there are so many fun pieces that boast this bold and fun print,  and I have have yet to acquire ANY of them! Obviously, don't put all these together, but how cute would that blouse be with a pair of skinnys and statement necklace?? And how trendy would it be carrying that bright clutch with a LBD and your favorite patent pumps?!

#3- Bubble Necklace

I know, I know, I'm late to the game on this, too. But, I just can't make up my mind about what I want. First I was certain I didn't want to splurge on this because it will certainly be a passing fad, but then I started having pre-buyers remorse (is that a thing?) and thinking I should go for quality over price. If you're looking too there are definitely some great knock-off options to check out...

  • Ebay has them under $10, so if you can't decide on a color, just buy 2 or 3! 
  • Etsy has them for all price ranges & honestly I trust their quality a little more. So that's also a great option.
OR if you want the real thing (what I'm now leaning toward) you still have some options...
  • JCrew always has their authentic necklace, with color options appropriate for the season. Their's a are $150
  • JCrew Factory (aka heaven on earth) has them in a few different colors for less than half the price! If I ever bring myself to buy one this is the route I'll take. 

Well, any tips for me to acquire my Three?? And just what are you lusting after?? 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Alright y'all it's time to find halloween costumes! I decided to look through past years to get some ideas! So, here we go, a completely embarrassing archive of my past halloweens! 

 2009 Freshman Year: Britney Spears (Baby one more time) 
Aka: my biggest regret! Essentially it was slutty school girl, but Britney sounds, well less slutty. Simple black skirt, black bra, tied up button down, tall socks and pigtails.
I'm on the far left. But, while I'm embarrassing myself here, not all is lost there are some great costume ideas!
1. Native Americans (bottom)
2. Flapper (second from left)
3. Cavewoman (top middle)
4. Not entirely sure... it involves plaid and a hammer (second from right)
5. Soccer player aka easy guy costume (far right)

2010 Sophomore Year: Lady Gaga
This may be my favorite costume to date! 
I found the bow hairpiece and it matched my hair perfectly I knew it was meant to be. I made the glasses from 3D glasses with rhinestones glued on. The dress was on-sale at Wet Seal and the pearls were obviously already in my wardrobe. 
Meggie rocked a sequin gold dress and carried around a shovel... can you guess?
A gold digger!

Trying to think of a cute couple costume? My roommate and her boyfriend were Mickey & Minnie! Just get the ears & glue a red bow on one pair! They also both rocked white gloves. Their outfits were pretty easy to make. SHe just painted white polka dots on a big red tee shirt & painted two "buttons" on his red shorts! Pair with black leggings and a black shirt!

2010 (Night Two): Bunnies!
Of course, we were not just your average bunnies! This is a halloween classic, but if done right it can still be fun! I would recommend this as a group costume!
We all bought black dress a few weeks earlier for a birthday party so all we needed was the ears, bowtie and buffs which we found in a set for under $10 at a local party store!

Need a guy idea?
Where's Waldo??? 
Any red striped shirt and red hat will do! Just add some goofy glasses! 
The best part of his costume was that he hid all night! In closets, under tables, it was hilarious!

2011 Junior Year: Spice Girls!

So perfect for a group of girlfriends!
The funniest part was how well each spice girl fit everyones personalities! Baby Spice was easy! 
Pigtails were a key feature then I just bought a pink dress from forever 21 and paired it with a necklace and headband I already had! 

2011 Part Two: Walk of Shame!
I like this think this was one of my more creative ideas! I borrowed a button down from a guy friend and wore it over a nude skirt (yes, there's a skirt under there!), glitzy heels & one large dangly earring! The fun part of this costume was the hair and make-up! There's nothing quite like getting to try to make yourself look like a hot mess! I even used dark eye shadows to draw a fake hickey on my neck (I guess I did a good job because several people thought it was real & the costume was a ploy to cover it up!) 

SO what's in store for 2012??

You'll see! 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What's in my bag?!


So, I always see these cute pictures (like the one above) of purse contents pop up on tumblr, and I usually laugh to myself and say "people don't cary that stuff around!" Like there's this one in particular (my apologies, I can't for the life of me find a link) that has a pair of Jack Roger's IN the purse. C'mon that's just silly!

Well, today, my lovely roommate Liz went in my purse for a pen, she immediately giggled at it's content. Thus, I was inspired to share with you "What's in MY bag!"

Here we go... 

Yes, I staged it a bit, but this is the current contents of my Longchamp. (Which in case you were wondering is the greatest bag ever)

A few highlights:

  • Plastic cup- okay, usually it's a tervis tumbler, but I seem to have lost them all, this had to do.
  • Peanut Butter filled pretzels- yummmmm
  • Direct mailer (white envelope)- I didn't have cash or change to pay a toll in NoVa. My punishment, having to mail a $1.50 check. Cool VA.
  • Registrar Nametag- I'm fancy y'all!
  • Deodorant- gotta stay fresh!
  • Advil- because honestly you never know when a hangover will strike.
  • Birthday Card(orange envelope)- $$$$$$$
  • Planner (bright blue, hidden under orange envelope)- aka my life. seriously it has EVERYTHING. i should give it it's own post. one day...
  • Two forks- casual. but really Jeffrey's the sweetest bf ever and brought me our leftovers from our anniversary dinner. Obvi we needed forks!
  • Graphing calculator- because sometimes an iPhone isn't enough
  • Old glasses case full of pens- because this bag doubles as my backpack on tuesdays and thursdays. 
Well, now I'm sure you think I'm a little odd. Well, that's alright you were bound to find out eventually! So, WHAT'S IN YOUR BAG?


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fall Essentials!

1. Blazers- Blazers are very trendy for fall and a great way to transition from summer into fall. My I currently love pairing my blazer with a sundress or shorts! 
Where to buy: $ Forever 21  $$ AE   $$$ JCrew

2. Stripes- I love anything nautical, so of course, stripes are going to make my essentials list! So easy to pair with jeans. Or if your feeling bold mix and match it with a printed skirt!  Speaking of skirts... See #4!

3. Longchamp Le Pliage Shopping tote- This is the perfect bag no matter what the season. I'm loving it right now because I can throw my laptop and a notebook in there and take it to class, carry it as a purse on shopping trips, or throw some natty's in and take it to a football tailgate! 

C'mon, stop judging, I'm only in college for one more year!

4. Pencil Skirts- I'm crazy about skirts this season! As you'll see in one of my next posts, I'm learning the possibilities are endless! You can definitely make a pencil skirt your statement piece! Whether it's a bold color (like the lime green one pictured) or a crazy print, take advantage of skirts this fall. The beauty of a stand-out skirt means you can throw it on with a simple solid v-neck or cardigan and look so put together! Definitely check out J Crew for this one! They're worth the splurge!

5. Pants- Honestly, I stick with two basic pants in the fall, dark skinny jeans, and leggings (YES, LEGGINGS ARE PANTS) 
Always stick with dark jeans, they're flattering and look more professional. GAP has my absolute favorite pair, they even come in petite and tall. Tip: Wash your dark jeans inside out to prevent fading!
Now for leggings, it is absolutely imperative that if your going to wear leggings as pants they cannot be see-through!!!!! My advice: buy running leggings! They're thicker so 1. they'll keep you warmer and 2. they won't be see-through! The only downside: sometimes its tricky to kind them with out logos or patterns. Look for ones like this pair from Nike that only has a logo on the ankle, easy to cover with boots! 

6. Cardigans- Probably the greatest invention of all time (besides the iphone), Cardigans, like Blazers are a great way to transition your wardrobe from summer to fall. If you live in the south, it's gonna be hot outside from now until at least mid-october, and you better believe all the academic buildings have the AC cranked up. So how do you combat the wild temp change? Cardigans! 
Where to buy: $ Target $$ JCrew Factory $$$ Lilly Pulitzer

7. Leopard Flats- I'll be honest, I'm not a huge fan of flats! But, I love the leopard flat trend! Whether it's a ballet flat, or a loafer, these fun shoes can make you polished outfit just a little wild. Pair them with skinny jeans or your pencil skirt!
 Where to buy: $ Target $$ Steve Madden $$$$$$$ Christian Louboutin (pictured above)

8. Riding boots- Last but not least, riding boots are my fall fav! They're comfy, easy to wear, and take every fall outfit from ekkkk to chic! I'm tall, so I live that this trend has a low heel! While we would all like to own a pair of Tory Burch riding boots, this isn't practical, especially for a college girl! So where would I look for boots? DSW they have an awesome selection all for around $80- $200. While this seems a little steep, they're a great investment. They're not going to fall apart no matter what you put them through! However if you don't want to spend that much on a pair of boots, check out Target and Charlotte Russe! While I haven't found any there yet this season, keep your eye out! Last year my roommates and I all found very reasonable boots between $25 and $30! 

Well, now you know what's in my autumn wardrobe! What are your fall favorites?