Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fall Essentials!

1. Blazers- Blazers are very trendy for fall and a great way to transition from summer into fall. My I currently love pairing my blazer with a sundress or shorts! 
Where to buy: $ Forever 21  $$ AE   $$$ JCrew

2. Stripes- I love anything nautical, so of course, stripes are going to make my essentials list! So easy to pair with jeans. Or if your feeling bold mix and match it with a printed skirt!  Speaking of skirts... See #4!

3. Longchamp Le Pliage Shopping tote- This is the perfect bag no matter what the season. I'm loving it right now because I can throw my laptop and a notebook in there and take it to class, carry it as a purse on shopping trips, or throw some natty's in and take it to a football tailgate! 

C'mon, stop judging, I'm only in college for one more year!

4. Pencil Skirts- I'm crazy about skirts this season! As you'll see in one of my next posts, I'm learning the possibilities are endless! You can definitely make a pencil skirt your statement piece! Whether it's a bold color (like the lime green one pictured) or a crazy print, take advantage of skirts this fall. The beauty of a stand-out skirt means you can throw it on with a simple solid v-neck or cardigan and look so put together! Definitely check out J Crew for this one! They're worth the splurge!

5. Pants- Honestly, I stick with two basic pants in the fall, dark skinny jeans, and leggings (YES, LEGGINGS ARE PANTS) 
Always stick with dark jeans, they're flattering and look more professional. GAP has my absolute favorite pair, they even come in petite and tall. Tip: Wash your dark jeans inside out to prevent fading!
Now for leggings, it is absolutely imperative that if your going to wear leggings as pants they cannot be see-through!!!!! My advice: buy running leggings! They're thicker so 1. they'll keep you warmer and 2. they won't be see-through! The only downside: sometimes its tricky to kind them with out logos or patterns. Look for ones like this pair from Nike that only has a logo on the ankle, easy to cover with boots! 

6. Cardigans- Probably the greatest invention of all time (besides the iphone), Cardigans, like Blazers are a great way to transition your wardrobe from summer to fall. If you live in the south, it's gonna be hot outside from now until at least mid-october, and you better believe all the academic buildings have the AC cranked up. So how do you combat the wild temp change? Cardigans! 
Where to buy: $ Target $$ JCrew Factory $$$ Lilly Pulitzer

7. Leopard Flats- I'll be honest, I'm not a huge fan of flats! But, I love the leopard flat trend! Whether it's a ballet flat, or a loafer, these fun shoes can make you polished outfit just a little wild. Pair them with skinny jeans or your pencil skirt!
 Where to buy: $ Target $$ Steve Madden $$$$$$$ Christian Louboutin (pictured above)

8. Riding boots- Last but not least, riding boots are my fall fav! They're comfy, easy to wear, and take every fall outfit from ekkkk to chic! I'm tall, so I live that this trend has a low heel! While we would all like to own a pair of Tory Burch riding boots, this isn't practical, especially for a college girl! So where would I look for boots? DSW they have an awesome selection all for around $80- $200. While this seems a little steep, they're a great investment. They're not going to fall apart no matter what you put them through! However if you don't want to spend that much on a pair of boots, check out Target and Charlotte Russe! While I haven't found any there yet this season, keep your eye out! Last year my roommates and I all found very reasonable boots between $25 and $30! 

Well, now you know what's in my autumn wardrobe! What are your fall favorites? 


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