Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What's in my bag?!


So, I always see these cute pictures (like the one above) of purse contents pop up on tumblr, and I usually laugh to myself and say "people don't cary that stuff around!" Like there's this one in particular (my apologies, I can't for the life of me find a link) that has a pair of Jack Roger's IN the purse. C'mon that's just silly!

Well, today, my lovely roommate Liz went in my purse for a pen, she immediately giggled at it's content. Thus, I was inspired to share with you "What's in MY bag!"

Here we go... 

Yes, I staged it a bit, but this is the current contents of my Longchamp. (Which in case you were wondering is the greatest bag ever)

A few highlights:

  • Plastic cup- okay, usually it's a tervis tumbler, but I seem to have lost them all, this had to do.
  • Peanut Butter filled pretzels- yummmmm
  • Direct mailer (white envelope)- I didn't have cash or change to pay a toll in NoVa. My punishment, having to mail a $1.50 check. Cool VA.
  • Registrar Nametag- I'm fancy y'all!
  • Deodorant- gotta stay fresh!
  • Advil- because honestly you never know when a hangover will strike.
  • Birthday Card(orange envelope)- $$$$$$$
  • Planner (bright blue, hidden under orange envelope)- aka my life. seriously it has EVERYTHING. i should give it it's own post. one day...
  • Two forks- casual. but really Jeffrey's the sweetest bf ever and brought me our leftovers from our anniversary dinner. Obvi we needed forks!
  • Graphing calculator- because sometimes an iPhone isn't enough
  • Old glasses case full of pens- because this bag doubles as my backpack on tuesdays and thursdays. 
Well, now I'm sure you think I'm a little odd. Well, that's alright you were bound to find out eventually! So, WHAT'S IN YOUR BAG?


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