Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Alright y'all it's time to find halloween costumes! I decided to look through past years to get some ideas! So, here we go, a completely embarrassing archive of my past halloweens! 

 2009 Freshman Year: Britney Spears (Baby one more time) 
Aka: my biggest regret! Essentially it was slutty school girl, but Britney sounds, well less slutty. Simple black skirt, black bra, tied up button down, tall socks and pigtails.
I'm on the far left. But, while I'm embarrassing myself here, not all is lost there are some great costume ideas!
1. Native Americans (bottom)
2. Flapper (second from left)
3. Cavewoman (top middle)
4. Not entirely sure... it involves plaid and a hammer (second from right)
5. Soccer player aka easy guy costume (far right)

2010 Sophomore Year: Lady Gaga
This may be my favorite costume to date! 
I found the bow hairpiece and it matched my hair perfectly I knew it was meant to be. I made the glasses from 3D glasses with rhinestones glued on. The dress was on-sale at Wet Seal and the pearls were obviously already in my wardrobe. 
Meggie rocked a sequin gold dress and carried around a shovel... can you guess?
A gold digger!

Trying to think of a cute couple costume? My roommate and her boyfriend were Mickey & Minnie! Just get the ears & glue a red bow on one pair! They also both rocked white gloves. Their outfits were pretty easy to make. SHe just painted white polka dots on a big red tee shirt & painted two "buttons" on his red shorts! Pair with black leggings and a black shirt!

2010 (Night Two): Bunnies!
Of course, we were not just your average bunnies! This is a halloween classic, but if done right it can still be fun! I would recommend this as a group costume!
We all bought black dress a few weeks earlier for a birthday party so all we needed was the ears, bowtie and buffs which we found in a set for under $10 at a local party store!

Need a guy idea?
Where's Waldo??? 
Any red striped shirt and red hat will do! Just add some goofy glasses! 
The best part of his costume was that he hid all night! In closets, under tables, it was hilarious!

2011 Junior Year: Spice Girls!

So perfect for a group of girlfriends!
The funniest part was how well each spice girl fit everyones personalities! Baby Spice was easy! 
Pigtails were a key feature then I just bought a pink dress from forever 21 and paired it with a necklace and headband I already had! 

2011 Part Two: Walk of Shame!
I like this think this was one of my more creative ideas! I borrowed a button down from a guy friend and wore it over a nude skirt (yes, there's a skirt under there!), glitzy heels & one large dangly earring! The fun part of this costume was the hair and make-up! There's nothing quite like getting to try to make yourself look like a hot mess! I even used dark eye shadows to draw a fake hickey on my neck (I guess I did a good job because several people thought it was real & the costume was a ploy to cover it up!) 

SO what's in store for 2012??

You'll see! 

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