Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hurricane 101

Alright y'all so while we still have power I figured I'd give you my tips on surviving a hurricane! I grew up in Wilmington, NC so hurricanes come second nature. As a kid I thought they were so much fun! So now I'll pass a few of my lessons onto you, ready?

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  1. Food: Let's be honest this is the most important. Prep yourself with nonperishable food items because once the powers out you can't microwave anything  and you definitely don't want to be going in and out of the fridge. My favorites are chili hotdogs & campfire apples! Both of these can be cooked on the grill, so make sure you've got plenty of gas or charcoal (and an umbrella!) 
2.  Ice & Water: Obviously you need to keep some bottled water on hand & get it quick cause stores will start selling out fast! A good rule of thumb is one gallon of water per person, that should last you at least a few days. As for ice- start empyting your ice tray into bowls or ziploc bags in preparation, then your freezer will produce more ice. If you stock up you can use this ice to fill coolers and keep your essentials cold (and let's be honest, by essentials I mean the beer). PS. girls, now is the time to use that cooler you painted him (:

3.  Lights: go to walmart and stock up on flashlights, candles and batteries. I got these LED ones for $1.50 each. DONT FORGET BATTERIES! Grab one for each person in your house, and make sure it's handy! Also get a bunch of candles; they're great for bathrooms & the kitchen. 

4. Drinks: While beer is great for the boys, you deserve something tastier! 

  • Hurricane Punch: This punch recipe is super simple & it will help you use up some fruit and concentrates before they thaw or spoil!
  • High Winds on the bay: This is my own creation & a knock-off of the popular bay breeze, but well, really strong. 
    • 1 part Pineapple vodka (I like Pinnacle)
    • 2 parts cranberry juice 
    • Mix and enjoy! 
5.  Electronics: Make sure you charge your phone or have a car charger on hand. Once the storm hits chances are cell reception will be pretty bad, but it's better to be able to try. If you really need to contact someone send texts instead of phone calls because they don't need as much cell service as a voice call! Also, remember you're 3G and wireless won't work when the power goes out so plan accordingly and have a battery powered radio!

6. Entertainment: Obviously, I entertain myself on the internet, which is why I'm getting my fix right now! So... what to do once the power's out?? .... SEE #4

Well, I'm going to go shower in case our hot water heater shuts off! Thanks for reading my tips!!

 How do you survive storms??


  1. This was great!
    I hope everyone in and around the hurricane stays safe!

  2. I have never had to deal with a hurricane but if i do in the future these drinks sound amazing! Just so you know i nominated you for a liebster award check out my latest blogpost for details!

    please stay safe

  3. I've never been in anything like a hurricane or tornado etc!! I wouldn't even have ANY idea what to do!!! You have some really great tips! Hope that you keep safe! I'm a new follower would love it i you would follow my page too :)

  4. It's all over the news about the hurricane... stay safe!

  5. I think I could survive not having power if I were sipping on hurricane punch the whole time haha! I've never had campfire apples--they look SO yummy, though!

    P.S. Thanks for the follow! I'm hosting another giveaway tomorrow, so make sure you stop by!