Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Thursday Three: 3 things I'm lusting after!

So, I want to start a regular post series. Hopefully, this will get me more into a habit of blogging! I used to do Wedding Wednesday on my tumblr but I've seriously been slacking lately! Let's pray this goes better...

So here we go, Thursday Three, this week 3 things I'm seriously lusting after!

#1- Monogrammed Vest

I'm seriously obsessed! It's super casual, I'm I'm sure its comfortable, but i could make leggings and a long sleeve tee soooo much cuter! I'm telling Mother about this one-- I should get presents for Thanksigivng... right? 

#2- Chevron

I'm feeling a little behind the time on this trend; there are so many fun pieces that boast this bold and fun print,  and I have have yet to acquire ANY of them! Obviously, don't put all these together, but how cute would that blouse be with a pair of skinnys and statement necklace?? And how trendy would it be carrying that bright clutch with a LBD and your favorite patent pumps?!

#3- Bubble Necklace

I know, I know, I'm late to the game on this, too. But, I just can't make up my mind about what I want. First I was certain I didn't want to splurge on this because it will certainly be a passing fad, but then I started having pre-buyers remorse (is that a thing?) and thinking I should go for quality over price. If you're looking too there are definitely some great knock-off options to check out...

  • Ebay has them under $10, so if you can't decide on a color, just buy 2 or 3! 
  • Etsy has them for all price ranges & honestly I trust their quality a little more. So that's also a great option.
OR if you want the real thing (what I'm now leaning toward) you still have some options...
  • JCrew always has their authentic necklace, with color options appropriate for the season. Their's a are $150
  • JCrew Factory (aka heaven on earth) has them in a few different colors for less than half the price! If I ever bring myself to buy one this is the route I'll take. 

Well, any tips for me to acquire my Three?? And just what are you lusting after?? 


  1. I have a turquoise bubble necklace and it looks so cute with so many thing, i say go for it and buy one!
    Im also obsessesed with chevron, (hence my blogs background)we just bought a chevron rug for my office cant wait for it

    Wish i could follow your blog but i didnt see a link too :(

  2. Love that monogrammed vest! Too cute!